About Us

Phoenix Fitness World features the best products in Fitness Equipment; Men's Fitness Apparel; Women's Fitness Apparel; Men's Shoes; Women's Shoes; Yoga; Hiking & Camping; Fishing; Hunting & Survival Gear; Bikes & E-Bikes; Electronics; Drones & RC Cars; Water Sports; Winter Sports; Mountain Climbing; at the lowest prices.


Phoenix Fitness World is run by Natalie, a single mother of two, who understands that your time and money are valuable! Therefore, having a one-stop-shop to meet all your needs is important to helping you achieve balance in your busy lifestyle. Natalie is passionate about being active in all areas of fitness modalities and helping bring a community of people together who enjoy stellar products!  


"If you never start somewhere, you'll never get anywhere."  Start, achieve, BE more!